2011. március 17.

Sorting out input devices 5.

For a temporary solution, here are the codes to turn the WACOM device on and off:

~$ xinput -set-prop "Serial Wacom Tablet" "Device Enabled" 0
~$ xinput -set-prop "Serial Wacom Tablet" "Device Enabled" 1

0 in for turning it off and 1 is for turning it on.

in my case, when turning on the Wacom device, screen dimensions are off, so I had to add an extra line to the nautilus script:
~$ xinput -set-prop "Serial Wacom Tablet" "325" 0, 0, 24780, 18630


~$ xinput -set-prop "Serial Wacom Tablet" "Wacom Tablet Area" 0, 0, 24780, 18630

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