2009. szeptember 9.

Ubuntu 9.04

wow! the pen was recognized out of the box!
(while reinstalling, I kept my /home. I only formatted the partition with the system not the personal stuff.)

Now to do:
- eraser tip
- pen button
- screen rotation
- java for firefox

2009. augusztus 30.

Things that might help in Jaunty to use tablet.







Feisty and Gutsy no longer supported

Since Ubuntu stopped to support the versions Feisty and Gutsy I might want to look for another operation system for any newer version of Ubuntu is unable to deal with the tablet.

As I still can run some programs under Gutsy like Xournal and GIMP to use my tablet I might split the hard disk and install a supported newer version of Ubuntu beside the Gutsy to be able to use the features of those versions as well as I might install a Windows XP on the other partition instead of a newer version of Ubuntu to enjoy programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Recognita, and some .NET applications I'm unable to run under Ubuntu.

As I do hate Windows for it being absolutely not user-friendly compared to linux I might split the hard disk one more time and install 2 versions of ubuntu AND a windows.

2009. május 9.

main menu disappears

Check out this site.

Works fine. I had to start gnome-panel manually at the end.
~$ gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel
~$ rm -rf /home/USERNAME/.gconf/apps/panel
~$ pkill gnome-panel
~$ gnome-panel

2009. május 3.


I downloaded from rarlabs site.
The rarlinux-3.8.0.tar.gz was the one that worked for me.
Uncompress, go to the directory in the terminal and type sudo make
The End.

2009. április 19.

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXi

--> install libxi-dev package through synaptic.

2009. április 17.

2009. április 16.

A fresh copy of a 32-bit Gutsy

After all, I couldn't get the java applets work under 64-bit Gutsy. As these were necessary for my internet banking I had to do something about it - I installed 32-bit Ubuntu Gutsy.

And now it works. Firefox with Java applets.
Now I'll have to try everything I tried until now again to find out if they work under 32-bit. (As soon as I get back my pen from the service.)

2009. április 13.

2009. április 10.

cib.hu java small applet vs firefox and opera

After wasting nearly 10 hours total I finally got the youtube constantly working on 64-bit firefox (2).

However there is this site www.cib.hu which has this little button at the top-right side of the page under the title "CIB INTERNET BANK" called "Belépés". I just couldn't get the applet it opens to work.

I tried epiphany but the result was the same. I almost thought I had some problems with my ubuntu when I downloaded Opera and it worked like magic.

testing the battery again

Almost idle all the time it went around 10 hours today. I had some difficulties so I will try this kind of use tomorrow again.

2009. április 9.

Testing my new Ultra Capacity Travel Battery

I got this EJ092AA HP 12 cell Ultra-Capacity Travel Battery yesterday. I charged it for around 14 hours, and checked it out. My primary Battery was also fully charged.
I gave a hard time to them: CPU was running around 50% and memory around 30% all the time.

The result is a total of 4 hours (and 4 minutes) runtime with the 2 batteries used together.

Just in fact:

The 12 cell ultra-capacity battery adds + 0,803 kg-s to the 2,1 kg-s Alice already has. So it's nothing that you can call funny. I can hold it on one arm for no longer, and it gets out of balance because the weight is attached on the side and not everywhere. And it looks pretty awful too: the battery hangs out on the back 3 cm-s. I'll try to post some photos, to show it.

Positive is that I got a bunch of AC cables - every kind of specific country types.

I'm still thinking to send it back and buy some simple primary batteries as they are cheaper smaller and lighter. You only have to do a restart when changing them.

2009. március 30.

2009. január 18.

2009. január 15.

How to change your MAC Addresses

$ sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces
add the hwaddress line under the apposite device - for example:
auto eth0
#iface eth0 inet dhcp
hwaddress ether UR:MA:CA:DD:RE:SS
(ether is the type of device, according to ifconfig - "Link encap:Ethernet")

to restart / stop /start networking:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop
$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking start

2009. január 3.

ImageMagick converting multiple files

*I do not use this method anymore, although it was a great start.*

After being a book-worm for half a day, I found out how can I write a working script to solve my imagemagick output problem.
It looks like this:


for i in `find -iname '*.jpg'`
convert $i -background white -flatten -colorspace Gray -negate -edge 1 -negate -normalize -sharpen 1 -threshold 50% -despeckle -blur 0x.5 -normalize +dither -posterize 8 gif:- >> $i.gif
1.) open your favorite text editor
2.) copy paste the script
3.) save as anyname.sh
4.) make it executable

1.) copy anyname.sh in the folder containing only the image files you want to make simple
2.) go (cd) to this folder in the terminal
3.) type ./anyname.sh
4.) wait and see.

How to convert this to pdf?

mogrify -format pdf *.JPG

How to join these single-page pdfs?

pdfjoin *.pdf --outfile newname.pdf