2014. április 8.

Google Tasks: what it can and cannot do

As you can see on this page, Tasks are accessible from Gmail, from Calendar and from Mobile, through a web browser.

For what I use it for...

Let's begin with the useful parts:

  • it is possible to turn an e-mail into a task
  • it is possible to drag and drop due tasks in the calendar
  • it is possible to make separate lists for separate fields of tasks
Now, there...
  • it is not possible to set due date for e-mail tasks with one click.
    • for me the best would be if whatever e-mail I turn into a task would turn due for today, because than I can drag and drop it in the calendar.
  • it is not possible to archive task items, it is only possible to delete them.
    • for this reason my tasks list is hundreds of items long.
  • it is not possible to multiple select tasks to move them around in your list or add due date to them
  • it is not possible to view different task lists simultaneously in calendar
    • therefor I do not use different lists
If you happen to know a solution to the functions I miss, please leave a comment to this post and tell me about it!