2008. december 29.


I gave up on tesseract, so now I'm modifying the photos I took to a smaller size, and attaching them in a PDF with gscan2pdf.

I installed ImageMagick with synaptic, and found the matching script on it's webpage.
I had to modify this script, because convert didn't find the
Now it looks like this:
convert eredeti.JPG -background white -flatten -colorspace Gray -negate -edge 1 -negate -normalize -sharpen 1 -threshold 50% -despeckle -blur 0x.5 -normalize +dither -posterize 8 verzio_dit3.gif
Since I want to modify a lot of images, I tried to do this simple, so I tried to use these tricks:
- input filename globbing (convert *.JPG [outputfilename])
- output filename references (convert *.jpg myimage-%d.jpg) which should produce myimage-1.jpg, myimage-2.jpg, etc.
However, the output just didn't want to work. It always gave me a single file: the last file. But the procedure was so long, I think the program did the work, just saved all the images over that one file.

To see if this is only because of the older version (2.4) of the program, I tried to install, the newest version(2.6). It installed well, however, something went wrong, and I got the following error while trying to use convert
error while loading shared libraries:libMagickCore.so.1
Now I'm reinstalling, following these tips
./configure LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib"
Installation was a success.

However, converting more files at once still doesn't work.

2008. december 15.



With Synaptic Package Manager:

Open the Software Sources Window:
- Synaptic Package Manager: Settings -> Repositories.
Make sure you have universe, multiverse and restricted sources checked in the first tab.
Click on tab Third Party. Click on the Add button and enter your chosen repository (for me the next line):
deb http://giss.tv/~vale/ubuntu64 ./
(for AMD64 (and also Core Duo Intel64), by Valentina Messeri)

Clicking Add Source will display the new repository enabled in the Software Sources window.
You should now see Cinelerra in the list of packages available in Synaptic.
Follow Synaptic instructions for installation.