2012. április 2.

Canon LiDE 210 flatbed scanner on Ubuntu

So I got this brand new flatbed scanner: Canon LiDE 210.

I have read here, that it works with Ubuntu. Actually that was a good reason for picking this scanner. Remember, I still have the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS running on Alice.

This is how I got it work:
1.) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plaxx/random-fixes
2.) Open System> Administration> Software Sources
...go to "Other Software" tab
Edit "http://ppa.launchpad.net/plaxx/random-fixes/ubuntu lucid main"
Change "lucid" to "maverick"
(leave the source checked!)
3.) sudo apt-get update
4.) sudo apt-get install libsane sane-utils
5.) reboot

In the process of trying I installed the latest SANE and libusb, I don't know what kind of effect this had on the outcome.

This is what happened before I got "Susy" (this is how I named the LiDE 210) to work:
1.) I unboxed the scanner. Made a video of it, 'cause this little thing is amazing.
2.) Plugged it in the USB...
3.) ...nothing happened.
Oh, no problem, this wasn't Ubuntu if everything worked out of the box.

So let's see, what we can do to get the scanner running:
1.) Check the SANE site for details on how the scanner is supported:
genesys1.0-62CanoScan LiDE 210USB0x04a9/0x190acompleteGL124 based, resolution from 75 to 2400 dpisane-genesys
2.) Install the newest SANE version (1.0.22)
3.) Install libusb-dev files through Synaptic
4.) Install the newest libusb version
5.) Plugging in the scanner again...
...still nothing happens.
6.) Restarting the computer...
...still nothing
7.) Trying out on Windows7...
...it works! Yeah! At least the product is functioning for sure.

Okay... let's go another round... how should an usb scanner work on Ubuntu?
1.) Checking Ubuntu Documentation.
2.) Checking Support Forums... Found something worth a try. (Changing the bottomlesspit thing's repository from lucid to maverick, as it is originally for maverick.)
3.) Doing the update end install thing again
4.) Restarting...
...and it works! :-) Finally.

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