2010. június 9.

What in hell is happening?

Ununtu takes up almost 5 GB on my hard drive, and every "Important Security Update" seems to be more than 50MB! What in hell happened?!? Ubuntu used to take up 3.5 GB, even after several updates of even after updating to a newer version. And suddenly, the 6 GB space I dedicated to it will not be enough!

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ciastek írta...

There's a lot of complaints about jumping cursor in HP's tablets like tc1100, tx2200, tc4400. It looks like some kind of hardware design flaw, maybe electromagnetic field or heat affects digitizer. If that's true, then only way to get rid of jumping is disabling digitizer. ;(

(╯°□°)╯@$˘~ írta...

Yeah, I know. I realized it about 7 months ago, when I installed a Windows7, and the jumping still happened.
Now I have a new display screen on Alice, and I'm praying that once it will get jumpy again, it will be the eraser end of the pen only.
actually this is the 4th new screen on Alice, she still had some time left of the warranty and I kept bringing her back for a new one, until this current one was finally okay. I pray for a long problem-free time with it. I don't have the money now to buy a new one.
Some jumps already happened since June, but that's all for now, and the phenomena is not disturbing yet at all.
When it happened with the first screen I could isolate the single jumpy input device, and still use everything as before. One has to have luck with having the eraser jumpy and not the pen tip.