2009. augusztus 30.

Feisty and Gutsy no longer supported

Since Ubuntu stopped to support the versions Feisty and Gutsy I might want to look for another operation system for any newer version of Ubuntu is unable to deal with the tablet.

As I still can run some programs under Gutsy like Xournal and GIMP to use my tablet I might split the hard disk and install a supported newer version of Ubuntu beside the Gutsy to be able to use the features of those versions as well as I might install a Windows XP on the other partition instead of a newer version of Ubuntu to enjoy programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Recognita, and some .NET applications I'm unable to run under Ubuntu.

As I do hate Windows for it being absolutely not user-friendly compared to linux I might split the hard disk one more time and install 2 versions of ubuntu AND a windows.

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