2018. január 18.

New laptop: Dell Latitude 5480

Finally I am replacing the HP-Compaq TC-4400 (named Alice) I've been using since May 2008. Yes, for almost 10 years now. That is the notebook I started this blog for, so it's the end of an era for me.

I had to make plenty of compromises when choosing the replacement, but hey, it's new, it's fast, it's strong, it's even lighter a bit, and has better screen resolution. On the downside, it's bigger, it is not a tablet pc, and the keyboard is not exactly to my liking. Lucky me, the keys can be remapped.

The blog will be continued under the name Alice@Ubuntu even though I'll stop using the machine that gave the blog it's name. The content slowly shifted from machine specific configuration to more general topics throughout the years anyway.

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