2017. február 19.

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus

I ran into a couple of problems while trying to install the new LTS on my HPQ TC4400 laptop.
It had the 12.04 LTS installed, and had the home directory on a separate partition.

1. problem: no booting from pendrive
I tried different pendrives (2, 4, 8 GB), different USB slots (there are 3 on my machine) and different Ubuntu versions (12.04, 14.04, 16.04).
The problem I ran into is this:
gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image
So first I tried to create startup disks on my desktop 12.04 on different pendrives with 16.04 and 14.04 images. They all resulted in this error. I went with the "live" command for 16.04. But one pendrive did not even start up the live session, while another did. Once I was in live, I tried to install 16.04, with the same distribution of the hard drives as I had before. It seemed to be okay. However when I started it and logged in, the system never loaded. Instead I got this disrupted background image flashing in different resolutions for until I had enough and turned off the machine.
Next I tried creating the startup discs on the 16.04 live session. The 14.04 pendrive booted alright compared to the one created on 12.04, but then the installation failed, and then booting also wasn't smooth anymore.
Next I reinstalled the 12.04, however it had issues with settings already existing on the home partition. The system did not load properly throwing errors in ma face.

Luckily I just got a spare 500GB hard drive, switched it with the old one and went again for 16.04 with the strange boot interface typing "live" in, and then installing from the live session.
It turned out okay so far.

My conclusion is that the settings in the home partition somehow interfered with the newly installed OSs, but really I have no clue what happened and why.

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