2015. január 8.

Migrating from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx to 14.04 LTS Trusty Thar on HP Compaq TC4400 Tablet PC

For these 4 years I sticked with Lucid Lynx despite the lessening support and the increasing complications and deficiencies, because of the beloved Gnome2 interface and all the customization I made throughout the years I used it.
However, Lucid Lynx is not supported anymore, and the difficulties this bare fact caused me recently reached my limits.

I backed up all my data and profile files to an external hard drive, and erased the whole hard disk to start anew.

I gave Ubuntu 20GB space for the system, 5GB for swap space, and put /home to a separate partition.
I installed the 64-bit version (finally, after 7 years of using the 32-bit version on my intel dual-core cpu because the first ubuntu distro I set on it still did not cover my needs on 64-bit) of Trusty Thar.

Now what's next is the personalization.
Will I stick with Gnome2, or will I migrate to Gnome3 or Unity?

What do I need from Ubuntu?

  • it should work with the HP Compaq TC4400's native features.
    • Pen features: pen, eraser, pen-button, pressure-sensitivity
    • Screen rotation for pen usage
    • Screen mapping for multi-screen setup
    • Display side located buttons (scroll jog dial, ctrl-alt-del)
    • Pen activated buttons on the side of the display (have never worked with Ubuntu previously)
    • Fingerprint Sensor on the side of the display (I never tested it in Ubuntu previously)
    • Ambient Light Sensor (I never tested it in Ubuntu previously)
  • it should support the functionality of nautilus scripts and bash scripts
  • it should allow full control over the system from terminal
  • it should support easy access of software, applications, files and folders, without having to remember any name at all, so basically it should support easy, icon-based and menu-based navigation, where the user only has to remember visually and motorically to be able to locate anything. (menus to navigate through with keyboard or mouse)
  • it should constantly give feedback about system performance (System Monitor in top panel)
  • it should have a file manager (nautilus) that makes copying and moving files easy (2 panel view F3), have favorite places stored to reach them easily (bookmarks), have compact view with small icons that allow a lot to be seen at once (compact view). It is also great to have tree view, to make file moving/copying even easier.
  • it should have multiple desktop workspaces available
  • it should allow switching between running software by clicking with mouse
  • it should have a software center that allows switching between software versions (synaptic)
  • it should be light on my hardware
    • it should support working intensively with large xlsx, xls and ods files with a lot of cells being functions.
    • it should support opening a lot of web browser windows simultaneously
  • it should work with these specific software: 
    • Dropbox
    • Skype
    • Rescuetime and Toggl
    • keepass2 and keepassX
    • Plex Media Server
    • imagemagick, pdftk, mkbitmap, scanimage and other command line image manipulating tools I'm used to work with

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