2013. november 10.

Win95 @ VirtualBox

I'm trying to get After Dark screensaver work for me out of simple nostalgia.

Therefor I installed windows 95. And After Dark 4.0.
But still have a bunch of problems:

  1. File sharing:
    VB shared folders don't work, so I created an iso image on ubuntu and read it through the virtual drive in win95.
  2. there's no sound, but I need it.
    Here's how to get the sounds work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIfmB18ey4o
  3. colorspace is 16 color, and I need 256.
    By changing the Display Driver to standard Super VGA, I achieved 800x600 resolution, but no change in colorspace.
    Here's how to fix this: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=9918
    1. Download and install SciTech Display Doctor
    2. On the main menu you see "disabled" to a couple of things, go to SciTech driver and enable it. Restart. Voila.
  4. Okay, so, now some After Dark screensaver freeze the system.... :-(
    Well, now the whole program is down :-(

Win95 is missing these files at every startup:



I couldn't get the IMA floppy images to work, and simply writing the extension to .img only caused VB to show it in the list, but not to open.

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