2013. november 2.

Media file video stream showing nothing (black screen)

From one day to the other, video media files I could play fine earlier, stopped showing video output, and instead of that they put out a black screen, which held frozen any movement that was done in front of it (window openings, etc, like, when a software freezes...)

Solution came from this thread:
pietrino (pietrino) said :#13
Thanks Eliah and sorry for the confusion I generated.
I manged to view video correctly in totem by alt+F2, typing "gstreamer-properties" and in the video tab selecting X window system (no Xv). This looks like a pretty general hint that might serve different people. In the case of vlc, others hinted at setting the X11 display in the video properties of the program, though haven't tried that yet.
Sorry once more

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