2012. december 31.

Multi-screen tablet usage: configuring the displays

In later editions of xinput it is possible to map the input device to the tablet screen automatically by using the 'xinput --map-to-crtc <device> <crtc>' option.
Check device with 'xinput list' and check crtc with  'xrandr'.
In my case the sylus was '12', the eraser '14' and the laptop screen 'LVDS1'

I had some time to take care about this problem of configuring the tablet screen to be able to take notes while reading stuff from the external display.

Here's my solution:

Make a nautilus script. It makes life easier.
You'll have to run all codes every time, otherwise this won't work.

Here's the pattern to use:
xsetwacom set 'Serial Wacom Tablet' Rotate [NONE | CW | CCW | HALF]
xsetwacom set 'Serial Wacom Tablet eraser' Rotate [NONE | CW | CCW | HALF]
xsetwacom --set "Serial Wacom Tablet" "TwinView" none
xsetwacom --set "Serial Wacom Tablet eraser" "TwinView" none
xinput -set-prop "Serial Wacom Tablet" "Wacom Tablet Area" x1, y1, x2, y2
xinput -set-prop "Serial Wacom Tablet eraser" "Wacom Tablet Area" x1, y1, x2, y2
Here's how to do it:
The amount to multiply resolution pixel numbers is: 24,2
You multiply with this number, and than round the number to a whole.

How to define x1, y1, x2 and y2?

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