2010. május 23.

Ubunti 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

Yes, I changed. I didn't upgrade, because updating was simply using up the space. How in hell is Ubuntu wanting to take up more space than 6 GB?! Well, I said no to it, and installed a completely new one, the newest one, with long term support. Now, if this works out, I don't have to change for a while.

Works out of the box:
- pen, eraser and pen button in Xournal
which I'm really happy for.

also somehow the post concerning tc4400 and ubuntu grow through the years, so now I have a larger base for support. I'll see if the post will be helpful in the end or not.

I was also pleased when I experienced the new "Make bootable ubuntu USB" for the first time. It works good.

However, still, I didn't dare to go back on 64-bit.

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