2010. május 31.

Cursor jumping around

I have this really "nice" problem since a while, and today I found out I'm not the only one in this situation.

Re: Mouse Jumping to corner on its own (TX2000 tablet PC)

2010-05-31 12:30 PM


I've been having the same problem with my TC4400 tablet running Ubuntu Linux.

Here are my experiences:

- the cursor started jumping about 5 months ago. The computer is in my hands for exactly 2 years now, but it was a renew, so it's some time older, maybe half-1 year.

- the cursor first started jumping to the bottom right corner.

- it had a tendency to jump when I was using firefox watching sites like gmail or youtube, that used Java and/or Flash.

- about 2 months ago it started jumping (and clicking of course) not only when I used firefox with the mentions conditions, but also for other programs, and generally, at any time.

- about 1 week ago, I installed the newest version of Ubuntu (10.04), and since then the cursor started to jump to the bottom left corner too, so now it jumps to 2 different places.

- I also noticed, that the cursor does not jump when I use the pen. (there is no touch recognition, only the pen)

- I also noticed, that my computer started to became awfully hot at the corner of the ventilator, which is the corner, where the ESC button is.

So far I thought about disabling the touchpad and use the joystick instead, but they disable together, so I cannot do that.

I cannot afford to be without my computer, so I cannot put it to repair service. (I had a painful experience with them already anyway.)

The only way I can avoid the cursor from jumping is to hold the pen with one hand to the monitor, but this is pretty uncomfortable.

This whole cursor jumping thing is really annoying, and I'm relieved that I'm not the only one experiencing this.

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