2008. november 26.


Guided with the idea of language files not being separated in tesseract versions below 2.0, so that training will be not supported, I tried to install a newer version from source.
The winner was 2.01. with the ./configure, make and sudo make install it went well. I only had to install the language files manually. I downloaded the 2.00 language files, and overwrited the 0 byte files in the /user/local/share/tessdata.

Now it works fine. I only have to train it for Hungarian.
I also want to find an easier way to prepare the images...

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(╯°□°)╯@$˘~ írta...

Training it to Hungarian eat up so much of my time I gave up on it.
Now I simply make a black&white small size pdf from my photos, which are no more recognizable, but for a human readable.