2008. augusztus 6.

Connecting my Nokia 2630 via Bluetooth to Ubuntu

--> gnokii.org

I downloaded a previous version of gnokii from synaptic package manager, then I downloaded the newest gnokii from gnokii.org download site.

As instructed I've run "./configure" and "make" as user and "make install" as root.

Then I edited the configuration file:
sudo gedit /etc/gnokiirc

I had to comment out lines from port, model and connection sections, and I had to uncomment lines for:

model = series40
port = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
connection = bluetooth
rfcomm_channel = 1

Actually the "model=series40" I had to type in.
To get the mac address of your phone's bluetooth device type *#2820# in your phone.
I checked rfcomm channel with "sdptool search DUN"

In /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf I found that the "Default PIN code for incoming connections" is "1234".

After this, when I run "gnokii --identify" the connection worked, and I used the passkey "1234" for both the phone and the PC.

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