2017. május 28.

Ubuntu Firewall

UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) comes with Ubuntu preinstalled, but it is disabled by default:
sudo ufw enable

Then you'll have to allow specific ports for some applications.
For example, to allow the default port of Transmission Bittorrent Client:
sudo ufw allow 51413

Another way to allow ports for an application is to create an application profile and allow that profile.
For example to allow Plex Media Server:
  1. Edit (create) the app profile:
    sudo gedit /etc/ufw/applications.d/PlexMediaServer
  2. Paste the following in it:
    title=Plex Media Server
    description=This opens up PlexMediaServer for http (32400), upnp, and autodiscovery.
  3. Allow the profile:
    ufw allow PlexMediaServer
Refer to Ubuntu Wiki and Ubuntu Help for more information about UFW.
The solution for Plex Media Server profile was originally posted on Plex Forum.