2015. május 20.

Getting Started with the Ubuntu Phone

Some essential knowledge

Ubuntu Touch is the operating system of the Ubuntu Phone.
Read the Help!
Definitely read the Help! It can be downloaded from the Store.
Also read the FAQ for info like dual booting Ubuntu with Android on your phone, and that you cannot install GUI based Ubuntu Desktop applications on the Ubuntu Touch/Phone, because the GUI is different.

What is the difference between Scopes and Apps?
If I understand correctly, Scopes are made for showing content to the user, and making search easier.
Compared to Scopes, if I understand correctly, only Apps allow the user to both receive and share content, while Scopes only allow to receive.
For example: you have the Instagram scope this day, in which you can view other people's Instagram images. But you do not have the official Instagram application, so you cannot make new Instagram images and you cannot upload them to Instagram.

What is the difference between WebApps and Apps?
WebApps are simply a website optimized for viewing on the Phone. They looks like an App, but they are really not, mainly because they mostly lack integration with the phone. (i.e. share options)

Not all Ubuntu Phone Core Apps are preinstalled:
You have to install manually from the App Store:

  • File Manager
  • Document Viewer
  • Calendar
  • Terminal

Reporting Bugs of the Phone:
refers to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers

PC-accessible AppStore content:

Copying files to and from the phone:
Through Nautilus/Files only Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos folders are reachable. If nothing happens when you connect your phone, try this.
An alternate way to push and pull files is using ADB, which is an android development tool. If you have trouble getting the device recognized, try this. Developer mode has to be enabled to reach the device with ADB. (And here's how to set up ssh connection)

The Starting Sites for Developers:
More on Scopes: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/
More on Apps: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/

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