2015. január 12.

Some trouble I experience with Ubuntu 14.04 and Gnome-session-flashback

  • nemo crashed
  • xprop -set _net_wm_strut_partial gets overwritten frequently
  • login screen changed after running out of battery in suspended state
  • libreoffice (4.2.7) calc and writer failure: when setting font color, gnome-panel turns invisible, (but still works, when I click to the places where the buttons should be, they function well) and right-click menus inside libreoffice disappear.
    (can be restored with sudo pkill gnome-panel, but is frequent (more times a day) and annoying.)
  • libreoffice (4.2.7) is extremely slow: it's lagging!
  • libreoffice (4.2.7) calc formatting is incorrectly shown. Cells with the same formatting appear differently: fonts mismatch in size and style (serif/sans-serif)
  • libreoffice (4.2.7) calc graphical interface elements are incorrectly shown. checkboxes sometimes have checkmarks, sometimes don't.
I upgraded to LibreOffice 4.3.3 using this method.

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