2008. december 29.


I gave up on tesseract, so now I'm modifying the photos I took to a smaller size, and attaching them in a PDF with gscan2pdf.

I installed ImageMagick with synaptic, and found the matching script on it's webpage.
I had to modify this script, because convert didn't find the
Now it looks like this:
convert eredeti.JPG -background white -flatten -colorspace Gray -negate -edge 1 -negate -normalize -sharpen 1 -threshold 50% -despeckle -blur 0x.5 -normalize +dither -posterize 8 verzio_dit3.gif
Since I want to modify a lot of images, I tried to do this simple, so I tried to use these tricks:
- input filename globbing (convert *.JPG [outputfilename])
- output filename references (convert *.jpg myimage-%d.jpg) which should produce myimage-1.jpg, myimage-2.jpg, etc.
However, the output just didn't want to work. It always gave me a single file: the last file. But the procedure was so long, I think the program did the work, just saved all the images over that one file.

To see if this is only because of the older version (2.4) of the program, I tried to install, the newest version(2.6). It installed well, however, something went wrong, and I got the following error while trying to use convert
error while loading shared libraries:libMagickCore.so.1
Now I'm reinstalling, following these tips
./configure LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib"
Installation was a success.

However, converting more files at once still doesn't work.

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